Munchkin Monday ~ Fresh Food Baby System

Munchkin’s Fresh Food Baby System

It’s Munchkin Monday and time to review a fantastic Munchkin product! Recently Munchkin released a new line called the Fresh Food Baby System and being a mom that likes to make my own food I thought, now this is something I need to try out for myself.

The system consists of 3 Steps…
Step 1 – Chop & Steam
Step 2 – Mash
Step 3 – Store

I have to say that I absolutely LOVE IT! It was so easy to use that I also got Samantha to help me out and together we made a few things.

The first thing we tried was the Fresh Food Grinder and we made a strawberry puree which we used to make fresh strawberry freezer pops. It took no time at all, prep was easy, clean up was a breeze and now we have a great healthy snack in the freezer! This is perfect for when your little one is teething, feeling under the weather or you just want to give them a yummy homemade treat! These freezer pop containers would also work well for those of you Mummies who like to make breast milk pops for your little ones who haven’t started on fruits and veggies yet! Definitely something to keep an eye out for next time you’re shopping at your nearby Walmart 🙂

The next thing we made was some butternut squash puree which Sammy Baby loves with her mini bow tie pasta. For this we used the Fresh Food Chopper and Steamer and God bless who ever designed it because it was so much better than taking out the pot filling it up with water, getting the steaming basket out and waiting! The chopper and steamer is a breeze to use, and does it all! It chops your fruit or veggies, you remove the blade, add some water (the booklet even tells you how much water to add and cook for) and you throw it in the microwave, easy! We then put everything into the Fresh Food Maker, blended it up and ta da…it was done! Samantha had some fresh squash puree for her pasta at lunch and extra that we put into our Fresh Food Freezer Trays and froze for the next time.

The whole system is absolutely amazing…the team at Munchkin have done it again! If you have been thinking about making your own baby food but haven’t taken the leap yet, do it and do it using this system. Not only will you save a ton of money but you will also be giving your little one(s) the freshest food, most natural food in it’s purest form (no added preservatives), it’s super easy and fun too!

Here’s a little video I found so you can see for yourself on how it all works…

Now off to enjoy some yummy fresh strawberry freezer pops with my Sammy Baby 🙂

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