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Have you been looking to join an online community of fellow
Mammas and Mammas-To-Be?

A place to go to for advice, support and laughs all while in a in a safe and friendly environment? Our Facebook group offers all of that and here’s what some of our Chic Mammas have to say about it!


“Those long nights of breastfeeding & your exhausted & feel totally wiped!! I came on facebook as a distraction from life sucking at the moment only to have a laugh or a good cry from what you fabulous ladies have posted!! Which has helped me, truly realize that it’s ok…just brush it off & let’s do this!! Amazing support even though I may not always comment, all your posts make that impact to a mommy that needs it right at that moment :)”
Jennifer Rodrigues Matos

“Almost a year ago, I was sitting in the NICU looking at my son and decided to write about what had happened during his delivery. My uterus ruptured and we were both lucky to be here. He was stable, but his conditions was very serious. I was an emotional mess. Many of you ladies send me a private message to show your support. I think I had almost 1000 likes and hundreds of comments on my post. All the kind words, well wishes and encouragement gave me the boost I needed at the time to keep going and to stay positive. In a few weeks, on his 1st birthday, I was planning to post an update on his progress this year. He’s my miracle baby!”
‪Mary Mitskos-Spagnolo

“This group has provided laughs, tears, haha and OMG moments! But perhaps the biggest thing it has done for me is encouragement…. Encouraged me through sleep training, through milk allergies, through feeding and many more! Quite simply… It’s my go to group!”
Jennifer Lima Bator

I absolutely love everything about this group! Such empowering women . Love how I can feel safe being myself here … Always someone to laugh and cry with. Always someone who has been or is in your shoes. The support is phenomenal… The jokes are hilarious… The Faith’s are strong…. The women are real! And I like real! Xo”
Anto Di Mi

This group has been a wonderful resource! As a first time mom there are a lot of unanswered questions and it can feel overwhelming. Of course, it’s easy to feel intimidated and embarrassed to ask. This group is welcoming, supportive and for that, I am so grateful!”
Katie Pain

“Fabulous admins. Helpful mammas. Never judgmental.”
Jamana Daniella

“Glad to be a part of a fun, supportive, informative group. And I’ve only used a few of the vendors (Anto Di Mi – canvas for my newborns, Patricia Helou – birthday shirt for my sons 1st bday, and Camille gave me a 15 min free sleep training consultation), but so far they were very kind, easy to work with, and I’d use them again in a heartbeat .”
Amanda Evelyn

Helpful advice and other in similar situations so you don’t feel alone.”
Patricia Pianella-Colafranceschi

This group makes me feel like i’m never alone.”
Marilou Dmk Sherbatov

“Love how real and supportive this group is! Don’t have to be afraid to ask any question from the silly to the serious. Love the friends I have made here both cyberly and in person 🙂 .”
Samantha Nixon

“One moment that stands out for me was when I lost my baby a few years back and the positive outpour of support and kind words to help me through one of the saddest times of my life. From there I grow with this group and started a great cyber bond with lots of mummies. So grateful for this group xo.”
Erica Falcioni-Napoli

“This group is full of mummies who have been where you are… or who find humour in the same things you do. Its a place to find that special item you have searched high and low for but can’t seem to find anywhere or advice on anything to do with your child(ren) big and small yes sometimes we need to vent about our big baby at home! Its a community of people who are more than just mommies, they are therapists, confidants, advisors and friends but most importantly an ear when you just need someone to listen. I’ve come to this group of mummies for advice, to share a story that made me laugh, or one that made me cry… sometimes just to vent. At the end of the day no story really stands out… what stands out is the wonderful group of ladies who call themselves yummy mummies!”
Elena Xintavelonis

“One thing I can say is that it is…I never feel alone and the words of encouragement that comes from all the mammas make such a difference!! Thank you!”
Myriam Nash Dubicki

“Love how helpful and caring everyone is and how ‪Pina Crispo constantly works with her vendors to make connections with group members. Life and business is about building relationship this group does that.”
~ Josie Cannone-Figliomeni

“Anytime you need a good laugh, a serious question answered, great craft ideas, life altering experiences that only another woman/mummy could understand, this is the group you can find all that and more! It feels good to be surrounded by all you yummy mummies! Thanks for being there!”
~ Maria Santino

“Before joining the yummy mummy group I went to Google for all my baby… House… Family issues… Etc… Than I became a member of this great group… Lol what’s Google? All the ladies are so helpful and even when I’ve had a really bad day I can vent and not get judged or bashed because most of you are or have gone through similar things. This is like my ultimate go to… Food advice, cleaning advise, simple questions or hard ones I always get answers and lots of good ones too. Like where else on earth can you get all this great advise and the great vendors in are awesome too! Whether you need customized clothes bedding or snacks, letters, blankets, jewellery, renovations, landscaping, cleaning, you name it and they’ve got it:)”
Mellisa Sweetz

“My stepson was called racist on Halloween. I posted a picture of him seeking positive words to share with his as it really hurt and effected him! The post blew up. Mainly with positive fed back. I was able to screen grab quite a bit of it to show him. The post did get deleted because there was some debate but it was kept respectful. It didn’t really matter that it was deleted (the wonderful admins have a job to do to!) what mattered the most was I was able to show him all the support but also the constructive Feed back as to why his costume could have hurt someone’s feelings. But also show him that the approach the man too to tell him this was wrong. In my eyes it was a win. It helped to slowly heal a child that was scared by the experience. Thanks mamas!”
~ Alicia Glenn

“As a small business owner I like how the admin showcase the vendors within the group.”
~ Andrea Bartella Maddalena

“Chic Mammas always to the rescue, you ladies Rock!!”
~ Julie Mendonça Sousa

“Love this group as we all learn from one another’s experiences…I have so much ‘mommy-knowledge’ I wouldn’t otherwise have by reading through posts and the helpful answers! Awesome, non-judgemental ladies and even though they too are busy moms, you can tell the admins put their heart into running this group. xoxox”
~ Kuvlie N Ali

“I enjoy this group because your all better than google! Lol no but seriously any advice/support/no drama has helped me be a better mom to my kids! I made some new friends because of this group!! Thanks to all the yummy mommies for having each other’s back!”
~ Liana Crimi

“This group has helped me in so many ways. But here is just one. This is from my twins first birthday party. So many Chic Mammas came together to help make S&V’s first birthday ONEderful! So a special thank you (which is about 1 month overdue) to: Gina Ricci (Gigi Bakes), Anto Di Mi (Dima Designz), Christina Alfano (LOLO Floral and Event Design) and Liliana Graci Agostini (Letterz Bling’d). For putting up with me and the million changes and or special requests. Love you all and this group!”
~ Gesua Siggia Vanderteems







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