A New Hope

I hate saying the word so I often refer to it as “THE BIG C” when talking about this horrible disease. We all know someone who has it or had it and it’s crazy knowing how many people are affected by it. The thought of it honestly makes me sick to my stomach.

I recently came across a Youtube video that was posted by The New York Times about a tattoo artist and it brought tears to my eyes. You’re probably thinking, now why would a story about a tattoo artist make you cry but it did and I’m sure you might shed a tear or two yourself if you watch it. Vinny Myers is his name and his specialty is tattooing nipples…yup I said nipples. He gives breast cancer survivors a new hope by giving them back the bodies they loved before they had breast cancer. Think about, that’s a pretty amazing thing to be able to do for these women.

Here’s the video, watch and see for yourself…

Thank you Vinny for giving these women such a beautiful gift…the gift of a new hope!

I try to do what I can to help create awareness and raise funds for this worthy cause in hopes that one day we can have a future without it. This October the Chic Mammas are back for the 2nd year in a row taking part in the CIBC Run for the Cure and if you would like to join our team or donate we would be forever grateful. Just visit our page at to sign up, make a donation or do both.

Help us find a cure for Cancer!

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