Proud to be CANADIAN!

My parents

It’s July 1st which means Canadians across the country are celebrating everything that our amazing and kickass country has to offer…it’s CANADA DAY!

Born and raised in Rexdale, Ontario I can proudly call this great country my home and I have 2 very special people to thank for it.

You see these 2 lovebirds in the photo to your left? They are my parents! They got married in Italy in ’71 and immigrated to Canada shortly after in hopes of starting a family and giving their future children (my 2 older sisters and myself) a better life. They left everything behind including their family and friends and with only $100 in their pocket. My parents sacrificed so much for us.

I often think and wonder what life would have been like if they didn’t move to Canada and then realize how different it would be. Would I be working in radio? Would I be teaching at a college there like I do here? Would I be blogging? One thing I can pretty much guarantee you is that I wouldn’t have met my husband and so although I still may have become a mother, my children wouldn’t be Samantha, Liliana, and Marcus. I can’t imagine what my life would be like without these 3. My children are my greatest gift, my joy, my life, the reason I smile and laugh and my reason to live. It’s for that reason alone I am so glad my parents got on that plane to come to Toronto and I will forever be grateful and in debt to them for this.

Thank you for picking the best country in the world to be our home Papa and Mamma! Today Canada turns the BIG 151 and I couldn’t be more proud and honoured to be a Canadian and live in a country who welcomes everyone with open arms! Happy Birthday Canada!

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