And then there were 2!

Today marks two weeks since giving birth to my second child and let me tell you I was beyond nervous….I was a wreck!  Yes, I was excited about the newest addition to our family and meeting my new little munchkin. I was also anxious to find out if it was going to be a boy or girl. Not to mention, I was still freaking out and feeling guilty about the whole Samantha thing (if you’ve been following my blog you know what I’m referring to). The days leading up to my c-section I was stuck to Samantha like glue and doing as much as possible with her. I wanted to let her know and show her just how much I love her and how much she means to me. We spent a fabulous Mother’s Day together at the spa doing our mamma and daughter thing. We played together, laughed, hung out and cuddled…there was a lot of cuddling!

The morning of the c-section finally arrived and I was exhausted not having slept due to the excitement, nervousness, and guilt. I did my best to keep myself together in front of my husband and my parents who came to be here with Samantha but I managed to take a few minutes before we left for the hospital to sneak into her room, watch her sleep, kiss her good bye and cry a little. I knew that giving her a sibling, a friend for life was going to be great but I just knew that this was the end of our time alone together…just me and my Sammy Baby. I was about to walk out that door, head to the hospital and come back with another child and it just made me emotional!

The car ride seemed like forever but we finally got there and the staff at Sunnybrook were nothing short of amazing! From the moment I checked in every single staff personnel were fantastic.  Everyone introduced themselves to me and took the time to explain everything that was going to happen. I was so happy knowing that I was in great hands. Before we knew it, it was 9:02am and my OB (Dr. Howard Cohen) announced “ok the baby is out and IT’S A GIRL!” I couldn’t believe it, another healthy little princess (7lbs 9oz and 51cm long) and I couldn’t help but look over at my husband and start laughing (thinking hahaha two girls…you are soooooo screwed!). And just like that then there were two!

I finally got to hold my daughter and take a good look at the little one who was living inside me for 9 months. Just like when Samantha was born it was instant love and everything that people were telling me about your heart doubling in size was bang on! I instantly started feeling better and couldn’t wait for Samantha to meet her little sister. And then something else hit me…not only did I give Samantha a sibling but these two have the gift of sisterhood and that is amazing (having two sisters of my own I know just how special that is)!

I finally made it out of recovery and into my room where I waited for Samantha to come running through the door so I could give her a big hug and kiss and introduce her to her new baby sister (who at this point was still nameless). It wasn’t before long that she arrived and jumped into bed to hang out with me. She curiously checked out her little sister and was doing great…it was a huge relief for me to see her react the way she did with her sister.  I could finally breathe again knowing that everything that was going through my mind leading up to this birth, all that guilt and worrying was now in the past.

Liliana Giordana (yup we finally named her haha) was here and I couldn’t be happier! Not only have I been blessed to have one beautiful daughter but now I have two and here she is only a few days old.

A special thank you to Dr. Howard Cohen and the great team at Sunnybrook Hospital who took incredibly amazing care of me. Also, thank you to Lisa Crispo Photography who captured some great photos of my newest little Angel 🙂


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