Who are we to pass judgement?


Earlier today an AMBER ALERT was issued for a 3 month old baby…a 3 month old! I was in the kitchen at the time with the TV on in the background when I heard the dreadful siren sound of an Amber Alert being issued. I immediately ran over to find out what it was about. I then jumped online to post the Amber Alert and got on the phone with family members who were on the road to tell them to keep an eye out. Sick to my stomach doesn’t even begin to describe how I felt at that exact moment. We’re talking about a helpless child who was ripped away from his family and with people who are capable of God knows what!

The stories I was reading online said that the father had stepped away from his car (that he had running) with his baby in it when it was stolen. Yes, you hear of people leaving babies and children unattended in the car but something seemed off…leaving a baby alone in a running car? As you can imagine people started to have a field day with this online and calling the father every name in the book and asking what kind of parent would do such a thing! It angered me because all these people speaking their minds have no idea of what really happened! They were just passing judgement and were very quick to do it.

Thankfully the child was found and is safe but the posts on social media still continue and I find it rather interesting. Interesting because who are we to pass judgement onto others? Do we know the story? Do we know exactly what happened? People assume can anything they want to but WE DON’T KNOW 🙁 . Are you a saint? Do you live a perfect life? You’ve never done anything wrong? I highly doubt that because none of us are saints or live perfect lives in which we’ve never faulted. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that what he did was right by any means, all I’m saying is that two wrongs here don’t make a right. Could he have done things differently? Yes, probably but again who are we to judge without knowing the facts and the full story?

Everyone nowadays is all about don’t judge, don’t assume, etc but then when something like this happens they seem to forget what they preach. Maybe we can all stop passing judgement (without knowing the full story) and instead be thankful that there was a happy ending for this sweet baby.

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