Who are we to pass judgement?

Earlier today an AMBER ALERT was issued for a 3 month old baby...a 3 month old! I was in the kitchen at the time with the TV on in the background when I heard the dreadful siren sound of an Amber Alert being issued. I immediately ran over to find out what it was about. I then jumped online to post the Amber Alert and got on the phone with family members who were on the road to tell them to keep an ... Read the Post

What you need to know if you are preparing for MOTHERHOOD

Guest Blog Written By: Dr. Jen Cisternino Naturopathic Doctor Being a mother is both a gift and a blessing. This role is an honor and divine creation. The process of procreation is so delicate and beautiful. Once conception occurs in a woman’s body, the rest of her pregnancy is taken care of by the subtle love and energy of the Higher Spirit. Have you ever sat back and been amazed at how ... Read the Post

A Boob is a Boob…right?

Last week I blogged about breastfeeding in public and included a social experiment video by JoeySalads. It was crazy to see the reaction a new Mamma received for breastfeeding her child in public...well at least it was crazy to me. When I see a Mamma breastfeeding in public, I simply see a Mamma feeding her child and providing for her little baby...nothing less, nothing more and definitely nothing ... Read the Post

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