It’s time to shop…ERIN MILLS TOWN CENTRE style!

Another morning of rummaging through my drawers, frantically whipping through my closet just to realize that it’s time for this Mamma to go shopping! YES! FOR MYSELF! Not for the kids, not for the husband, JUST FOR ME!

How many of you are like me and although you may have gone shopping recently it was probably for everyone else in your household but not for yourself? Right? After having kids everything has been about them and it’s just recently that I’ve been finding my old self again. The one that actually used to do things for herself which included shopping and having an updated wardrobe…not one that consists of out dated clothing that were purchased pre-kids (yes that’s 6 years ago) and just don’t seem to fit right anymore.

I’m a plain and simple kinda Mamma; give me jeans or leggings, a tee or tank and add some Converse Chucks and I’m rockin’! I love that look and maybe it’s because it’s easy but I’m also looking to build off of that and start incorporating new pieces for some new looks. Shopping for me and putting together outfits is not something I’m good at. I either come home disappointed and with nothing to show for my countless hours of wandering the mall or I come home with stuff that is totally wrong for me and that I should have never bought in the first place.

I have finally come to the conclusion that I need shopping help. I need a pro by my side to talk some sense into me when I pick up the wrong thing or when I pass by something that I should be picking up.  So I called up my friend Suzanne from Your Shop Girl and asked her to come along with me and help me out. It’s all about taking the first step right? LOL! I’m half way there…admitting you have a problem is half the battle they say 😉 .

Leading up to our shopping trip I had some homework to do; find a mall to hit up that has stores that I like as well as filling out a shopping questionnaire from Your Shop Girl. Done and done…that part was pretty easy. I picked Erin Mills Town Centre as I hadn’t been in a while and was wanting to go check it out again especially after all the great changes and updates that they’ve been working on.

Once arriving we got to work. Suzanne sat down with me and before starting on our shopping adventure we got comfy on a sofa at Hudson’s Bay (these furniture departments are awesome for impromptu meeting spots haha!) and based on my answers in my questionnaire and my body type she was able to guide me on what to look for and what I should be avoiding when shopping for clothes. It was now time to hit up the stores on my list like Husdon’s Bay, GAP, H&M, Roots and a few more. By the way, H&M just renovated their Erin Mills Town Center store, and it’s fab! Also in the midst of shopping I made sure to check out the new food court which by the way is beautiful. It’s a great big open space with a wall of windows and tons of variety which is key for Mammas like us. I won’t lie, I kinda felt guilty for not bringing the kids with me…but just for a second though, haha! Also being the breastfeeding Mamma that I am, I was totally impressed with the area they have designated for nursing mothers; it’s warm and welcoming.

IMG_5133Now back to the shopping…yes I get easily distracted by beautiful shiny objects like their brand new food court but also by the other kinds of beautiful and shiny like the stuff you’ll find in the Pandora store (also located in Erin Mills Town Center) and I’ll explain in a bit. I picked up a few great pieces; an awesome off the shoulder gray sweater from Hudson’s Bay, a fab long black vest as a great layering piece from Sears, and a super cute drapey eyelet tank from GAP, along with a few other pieces. It was now time to accessorize and I’m sure you can see how Pandora fits in to this part of my shopping trip. A Mamma needs to accessorize right 😉 ! There I was able to find a great necklace and bracelet to go with my new looks. I was able to take the tips and advice that Suzanne gave me and actually put them to use. Yeahhhhh! Finally some new great pieces to add to my closet and I couldn’t believe that I was actually going to be going home with bags filled with stuff I actually liked, looked great in and felt comfortable wearing!

IMG_5143The shopping didn’t end there though because although I finally got to do some shopping for myself, I also picked up a few things for the kids and the husband. For the kids; some summer basics at The Children’s Place and Old Navy and for the husband I got some of his fave essentials from The Body Shop. C’mon what Mamma can hit up a mall without shopping for the rest of the family! It’s ok though because I was in my happy place shopping away, with my tea in hand (yup they also have a David’s tea)! Oh and did I mention that Erin Mills Town Centre also has a Walmart which meant that I was also able to cross off some items on my grocery list. You don’t know how happy I was because now I wouldn’t have to stop at the grocery store on the way home…yeah to one stop shopping!

Now my question to you is, do you need your own Mamma shopping day at Erin Mills Town Centre? Probably….right? Well lucky for you I’m giving away a $100 Erin Mills Town Centre gift card and if you want a chance to WIN, well this is your chance!


1. Leave a comment on this blog post with how you would spend your $100 Erin Mills Town Centre gift card and be sure to include your Instagram name.

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IMG_5148*contest closes on tuesday, june 20th at 11:59pm*

And don’t forget to check out check out the Erin Mills Town Centre site for a list of their great free family friendly events they have going on periodically.

Good Luck everyone and who know’s I may just bump into you on my next shopping trip there 😉 .

Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by Erin Mills Town Centre but the opinions expressed are my own.

For more information on Erin Mills Town Centre be sure to visit them online,
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  1. Hello first off thanks for promoting a giveaway and second if I win an EMTC giftcard I’d be honoured. I’ll use it to purchase books @Indigo, @Pregame to buy a Blue Jays jersey and on Food. Ig: abishas7

  2. I would probably go with the intention of buying myself some much needed new clothes, and Ill end up buying the kids new things. lol

    Also, Pina, the erin mills insta link isn’t working. I think they’re all lower case letters.

  3. Great post! Erin Mills is the mall I go to the most as it’s in my neck of the woods. I would probably spend a little on myself and the rest on my wonderful hubby and adorable son. As much as I’d love to go on a full blown spree for myself, I love showering my boys with gifts ?
    My Instagram is @anni_ed

  4. This is awesome… and EMTC is so close to me… I have to be selfishly honest and say I would be something for me… currently in need of summer sandals (dressy and casual)… so I would totally splurge on myself if I won!!! Thank u for the consideration… Instagram name is @batorjennifer

  5. I would spend the $ on myself rather than my kid ? Mommy needs a new pair of shoes!
    IG: agatad

  6. I would definitely spend it on clothes for myself. Sheesh I haven’t spoiled myself in a very long time. If I won it would definitely motivate me to switch up this thing I call my wardrobe lol
    IG: paaaulavelezz

  7. Actually I would make a mother/daughter day for my mom and I. We haven’t done this since I had my kids. She actually has dialysis over at CVH, so it’s totally nearby!!

    My Instagram @goshdarnthisgravity

  8. I would head straight on over to Walking on a Cloud and buy myself a new pair of summer sandals. Nothing says summer like a pair of great shoes. @HLMediaBoutique

  9. I would buy something for myself with that beautiful $100 because all I do is buy shit for everyone else !!!!! @crissc13 ❤️

  10. As soon as I saw your Instagram post I instantly thought of my mom. If I won the gift card I would give it to my mom as she never treats herself to anything and she really would deserve it.

  11. Great post!!! I’ve been meaning to check out Erin Mills since they’ve renovated, considering we live so close to the mall. As much as this mama would LOVE to spend it on herself lol I would probably spend it on my son Jaxson for some back to school shopping. It’s his first year of JK waahhhhh!!! Thanks for the opportunity and can’t wait to see who wins tomorrow which is also my BIRTHDAY YAY!!!!

    Instagram name is @liviandjax ?

  12. Your shopping trip sounded like fun! I would update my pre kids clothes as well. Almoat 6 years. Also update to my fuller figure ?. Possibly get a new book to read as well. Lol

    Ig name @socatease

  13. I definitely need some new undies ????. Fingers crossed ? ? @chella_rey

  14. I’m the worst! I can’t remember the last time I actually shopped for myself. I have so much fun dressing my boys that I often forget about myself. I’d be selfish and spend it all on me. I could use almost a new everything, most of my stuff is stretched from being pregnant or stained from the kiddos. A shopping day would be nice!! @rendoobz xo

  15. I would definitely pick up new shoes for summer as there are so many new styles and a new pair of shoes is just what I need to update my look
    My Instagram is @adelia_marchese

  16. I would use the GC to buy myself a nice outfit or a pair of good shoes!!!!

  17. I would use the money to buy a dress for my niece baptism which is coming up in July!! @tundo17melis

  18. Love you, and your honestly! I truly would love to win this gift card because just having my third 3 months ago, I literally wear leggings and tshirts! I need to find myself again, which I know this gc would help me get into the right direction! Please pick me!!’ Xo ?

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