Moms, Can We Stop Posting Pictures of Our Bodies?

Guest Blog Written By:  Julie Cole of Mabels Labels I’m going to say something that may be wildly unpopular. I want to see fewer photos of moms' bodies on social media. Moms' bodies doing nothing. Moms' bodies just being bodies. There, I said it. I’m so happy that you lost weight if that was your goal. I’m so happy that you're comfortable with your leftover baby belly. I’m so ... Read the Post

Starving Myself Full: the soul purpose of eating

Guest Blog Written By: Silvia from Redefine your balance Why is food and dieting so complicated for some women? Our relationship to food is more than an abstract comparison to ‘feeling full’. If you’ve dieted more than a handful of times then food is probably emotionally charged for you, as it is for me. This means that eating is unconsciously equated with certain emotions, positive or negative. ... Read the Post

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