2 Girls, a love for brand names and an AMAZING concept!

It's rare you find a woman who doesn't have an appreciation and love for designer brand names and a soft spot for a good I right? Julia and Stephanie know this all too well and so they created an online community for these women. It's a facebook group called 100% Authentic Designer Goods - Buy and Sell, it's awesome and BRILLIANT and our newest partner! It's just like any ... Read the Post

Brand Names for LESS!

Show of hands, who would love for their kids to be dressed in designer brands but don't want to spend the $$$ to do so? Just as I thought...everyone! Well really who doesn't love a good deal...especially on brand names? We all do, let's get real. Why spend soooo much money on items that our little ones grow out of in a blink of an eye when you can get the same thing in perfectly good condition and ... Read the Post

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