Sleepless Nights

It's 2:55 am, and I'm wide awake, watching the minutes pass. I toss and turn, trying to get comfortable in hopes that I might be able to close my eyes and doze off into a dream state, but it doesn't work. Instead, thoughts race through my head, thoughts that I can't turn off...God, I wish I could; it would make things so much easier. I can see the light from the streetlamps shining through the ... Read the Post

Father-less Father’s Day

Last Sunday was my dad's birthday and like that doesn't suck enough this Sunday...TODAY is Father's Day! June is such a hard month because of these days and let me tell you I'm not looking forward to the anniversary of his passing next month either. It's just too much! Your mind starts to wander and you think back on the times that you spent together, like today I was thinking about my last ... Read the Post

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