This is my kinda romance…

Throw on a good romance flick and you'll be sure to please the majority of women...the majority but not me. Honestly, it's never been my thing I've always been more of a comedy kinda girl. Just not into that sappy kinda of stuff. I never read romance novels, I never watched girlie television series and I'm definitely am not about running to the movie theatre to watch a movie about a man and woman ... Read the Post

Be Our Guest!

There's something about Disney and every little thing that they do that is MAGICAL! The characters, the stories, the emotions and the feelings that come from a Disney experience is like no other than I have ever come across. It doesn't matter if you're 3 years old or 93 years old. It brings you back to a time of innocents, it brings you back to a childhood where magic was real and anything was ... Read the Post

Cinderella is coming! Cinderella is coming!

Just released a few short hours ago was the official trailer for the upcoming Cinderella movie. You have no idea just how much this excites me :) . It wasn't until I had children of my very own that I sat down to watch my first Disney Princess movie. It was a first for me as well as my eldest daughter Samantha and the movie was Cinderella. That was about 2 years ago and still to this day it's her ... Read the Post

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