NOW is the time to STOP!

You've heard it all before...Mommy Wars, Mommy Shaming, Mommy's out there, it's real and it's pretty disgusting! It makes me ask myself, what has this world come to? We are women, we are Mammas, we should be standing by one another, helping and supporting each other and yes, while there are some Mammas who do just that, there is also a large group who don't. They stop, stare, whisper ... Read the Post

A Mamma parody you need to see…

I'm not one for parodies really, to be honest I find the majority of them lame and not very funny. It's not often I come across good ones but when I do I need to share. I'm a huge fan of What's Up Moms and think these Mammas just ROCK. Here's their latest video which is a Taylor Swift "Blank Space" parody and they once again did a fantastic job putting it together! Now these ladies know what ... Read the Post

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