A Boob is a Boob…right?

Last week I blogged about breastfeeding in public and included a social experiment video by JoeySalads. It was crazy to see the reaction a new Mamma received for breastfeeding her child in public…well at least it was crazy to me. When I see a Mamma breastfeeding in public, I simply see a Mamma feeding her child and providing for her little baby…nothing less, nothing more and definitely nothing disgusting or sexy about it!

Today JoeySalads posted another video and took his social experiment to a whole new level. This time, in addition to the new Mamma breastfeeding he introduced a very attractive model wearing a sexy low cut top.

Watch and see for yourself how things play out.

Pretty crazy right? A boob is a boob…right? Well I guess not and that’s a horribly sad thing. I think what get’s me the most is how strangers feel comfortable enough to make a comment to a Mamma breastfeeding her child. And the part that I find really upsetting is when it’s another female that makes the comment. I know it’s wrong no matter who says it but I don’t know, you’d thing that we as women would be supportive and stick together, not try to drag each other down.

What do you think? Are you with me on this or do you disagree?

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