A Boob is a Boob…right?

Last week I blogged about breastfeeding in public and included a social experiment video by JoeySalads. It was crazy to see the reaction a new Mamma received for breastfeeding her child in public...well at least it was crazy to me. When I see a Mamma breastfeeding in public, I simply see a Mamma feeding her child and providing for her little baby...nothing less, nothing more and definitely nothing ... Read the Post

Cuz babies need to eat too…

Hunger, it's a funny thing as it can strike at any time. As adults we have the freedom to grab food, feed ourselves and be on our merry way, but it's a totally different ball game for babies. They can't speak to tell us and they definitely can't feed themselves. As a breastfeeding Mamma I often get the nasty looks and glares when I stop to feed my little one in pubic.  Lucky for me, I have what ... Read the Post

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